“The Nostrils are the entrance to the head and the effect of the drugs administered through the nostrils spreads and alleviates the illness thereby protecting the upper as well as the lower region of the human body” Says vagbhata, the great scholar.

The administration of herbal oils, decoctions and powders through the nostrils is called ‘Nasya’. The therapy is used not merely as an nasal decongestant but also to cure many serious ailments like loss of consciousness, stupor, insomnia, hysteria, hemiplegia and facial paralysis.

Virechan (Purgative) nasya, Virechana nasya cleanses nasal zone using medicated oil or ghee, decoctions, herbal juices and so on. This type of Nasya is good for chronic headaches, throat diseases, catarrh, epilepsy, and certain types of skin diseases.
‘Marsha Nasya’ and ‘pratimarsha Nasya’ are names that denote the two doses in Virechana Nasya, when medicated oil is used. Marsha varies according to the severity of the disease but pratimarsha is always two drops. When a decoction or paste is used, virechana Nasya is also known as ‘Avapeedanasya’ and when medicinal powder is used, it is known as ‘Dhmana Nasya’.